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Date:28 September 2008
I've just recently watched threads and, after seeing Victoria's performance, was genuinely convinced she would, by now, have been something special, its heartbreaking to see someone with so much potential disappear. I'm currently taking my first steps in the acting industry myself, and even though threads was made 3 years before i was even born, i was intrigued by her ability and where it would have led her, and after finding this website i'm saddend to learn we will never know. This site is a truly fitting tribute, and i'm glad to know people are keeping her from fading into history. Rest In Peace

Date:26 September 2008
I first saw Threads when I was 12 and recently bought it on dvd. The film seems all the more bleak now I know of Victoria's death. Threads, and in particular the end scene where Victoria's character Jane gives birth, still serves as a powerful reminder why nuclear war must never be allowed to happen.

R.I.P. Victoria and best wishes to friends and family of all who lost their lives that day.

Email:tristan_ashworth at hotmail dot co dot uk
Date:10 September 2008
Like many here, I became interested in Victoria after seeing her performance in Threads as a 10 year old. Rewatched the film again recently and again found myself mesmerised by this attractive and talented young actress. I was saddened to hear she died so young in 1990. For me, this fact adds an additional layer of poignancy to her role of Jane in Threads, herself a doomed character. RIP Jane and best regards to her family.

Name:Brian Johnston
Email:so2in10s4u at yahoo dot com
Date:2 September 2008
I started to search for Victoria O'Keefe after obtaining Threads on DVD. I had seen the movie as a 10 year old boy and it left a permanent impression on my psyche. While the movie is incredible, I'd have to say that the strongest acting perfomance in the whole movie is from Victoria. She plays the role so completely brilliantly--vacuous and devoid of emotion, yet strong.

So moved by her portrayal of Jane, I was compelled to seek her out in an attempt to communicate to her just how amazing she was in the film. I had no idea about her or the state of her career. It was heartbreaking to find out that she died tragically at such a young age.

And so, Victoria, I raise my glass to you today in this tiny public forum to any and all that care to listen. God bless you!

I welcome any comments--the email address given is active. Just place the word "threads" in the subject line, and you'll receive a prompt response.

Date:22 July 2008
I check in every so often, you're doing an excellent job keeping the site up to date. I was just wanting to tell you how gratifying it is to see the updates and read the articles here. Thanks for maintaining this wonderful tribute.

Thank you - and thanks to everyone :)

Name:Adele and victoria
Email:a dot walker130 at ntlworld dot com
Date:28 April 2008
Hi I am thrilled and excited to see this website about vicki. i was vickis best friend from being three years old and my daughter who is now 11 is named after her.Her mother is also my god mother and i have just spoken to her and her father who are happy that vicki is still touching lives after all this time and thankyou for All your kind comments. We miss you vicki and you are always in are thoughts. xxx

Name:Sharron Lowrie
Email:sl1976 at hotmail dot co dot uk
Date:28 April 2008
Paul Hollis was my uncle who died with his partner and their baby Jade. Like my sis Sam Lowrie I didn't know about this site. It's a lovely tribute to Victoria. Thank you for including my family too. There is not a day when I don't think about them all. Thank you RIP xxxxxx

Name:Sam Lowrie
Email:sjlowrie at tiscali dot co dot uk
Date:25 April 2008
I am the niece of Paul Hollis and did not know this site existed. It was the anniversary this month of all their deaths and I sincerely hope Victoria's family are well and my thoughts are also with her ex boyfriend.

Time does not heal, you just learn to live with it. Sam xx RIP - miss you more than words can ever express, (mits, gorgeous and baby xxx)

Date:27 March 2008
It's amazing how many likeminded people there are! I've just plucked up the courage to watch Threads again since seeing it during 1984 and then 1985 (since banned until recently by the BBC).

Still as harrowing as it was back then. I also searched for the cast on the internet, and was saddened to hear of Victoria's death.

Date:14 March 2008
I watched Threads in the mid 1980s here in New Zealand and recently watched it again on Youtube. Utterly stunning film and so bleak and hopeless it took me by surprise. Victoria played her part perfectly: sad, unemotional and merely existing in a nightmarish world.

Name:Simon Mccaddon
Date:25 February 2008
Hi haunted by the film threads during the 80's and have now got round to watching it again. Victoria's performance was outstanding, please keep the site going.


Date:22 February 2008
i had randomly came across threads and it had shocked me, because at the time my uni was close to a munitions manufacturer, and an various military facilities, if there were to be a war then these will be prime targets..i was very surprised to hear that this actor has died so young, she will be missed

Date:25 January 2008
I stumbled upon your site quite by accident. The TWoP thread suggested Threads as a movie that would "scar you for life." Interested, I looked up the film and found it available on Google. Needless to say, it was incredibly compelling.

Afterwards, I looked up the cast and clicked on Victoria to see what she'd been up to in the intervening years. Her performance was captivating, so I was curious about her acting career as I felt she had a great career ahead of her.

Needless to say, I was caught by surprise and saddened to see that she had died so tragically and at such a young age. So sad to read.

Thanks for the site; she would have been grateful I'm sure.

Fare thee well, Victoria. I wish we could have seen all you had to offer.

Date:17 January 2008
i just watched threads on google video. now i'm even more depressed to see this beautiful girl has passed away so long ago and so young. tragic.

Date:4 January 2008
Hmmm... it's very strange but recently I started thinking back to a film I once saw on the BBC. I was 9 years old at the time and the only thing I remembered about it was a nuclear explosion. It took me a bit of searching but I eventually found out it was called Threads.

What I find strange is that all these other comments are from around the same date as when I started thinking about this film again. I wonder if it was something we had all seen that reminded us of it.

As one of the imdb reviews said "An ever lasting impact".

I'd looked up almost all the other cast and eventually came to Victoria's character and was surprised to see she had her own website. I was even more surprised to hear she had passed away.

Thanks, Graham, for the extra light you've shed on how she passed away.

R.I.P Victoria

Date:31 December 2007
I remember Victoria O'Keefe at Dewsbury college (circa 1988?) I also knew Sharon Hickling and "Mallet" who was driving the car that killed them.

R.I.P to all :-(

Email:nastyevilbunny at yahoo dot co dot uk
Date:21 December 2007
I have just watched threads and being very moved by the movie i surched the internet for infomation on the actors involved. Jane was the only real hope for the future in the film and Victoria's performance was wonderfull. I was faily depressed by the bleackness of the film and now am very saddened to discover Victoria died so young and so tragically. I don't know what to do now. This site is important, please keep it running.

Date:8 December 2007
I watched Threads as a 12 year old and it stuck with me. Just re-watched, it still brings that horror back.

As other have done, I looked up the cast. So sad to see Victoria died so young.

Well done on the site.

Email:peteandurnot at yahoo dot co dot uk
Date:15 November 2007
I was looking for some information on this fine young actress since seeing Threads for the first time a while ago. This is a great Site. Well done.

Date:21 October 2007
I have to say, this site surprised me by its very existence, but during a search for Victoria to find out if she really had died so young, and so tragically, I stumbled upon this wonderful tribute to her. I haven't been able to find any Letty tapes or DVDs yet, but I've been haunted by this beautiful, compelling girl since I saw Threads as a 16 year old in '84.

Thanks for the site. And Victoria, I miss what we could have seen from you.

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