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Date:6 March 2011
I saw Threads (and other emotionally devastating movies) in 2003 when I needed to rattle my spiritually dead self into some kind of humanity again. It seems it took such a bleak future to awaken the potential of the present, and the life I have. Sad that people get so worked up over the looming terror of nukes or even garden variety urban terrorism. Most of that will never touch so many of us. But upon finding out that Victoria died in a vehicle accident, it seems worthy to remind ourselves of how tragically common that kind of death is. Sometimes random. Sometimes preventable. Always horrible in its unpredictability and its ability to rearrange reality for whoever has to it.

Date:11 February 2011
I'm heartbroken. I didn't know that this great actress was taken from us so early. Threads was such an amazing film and her final moments really cemented the importance of that film

I feel so bad that I wasn't able to enjoy her talent in other films. Now I know why I didn't have that advantage - I didn't know she was taken from us so early. Thank you Victoria. I'm so heartbroken. You really were a great talent for the brief time that you lived. You are remembered. Thank you.

From a fan in the USA who is broken-hearted that I can't see more of this great actress. Condolences to her family and friends.

Name:Johnny Parrish
Email:johnnyleedsuk at yahoo dot co dot uk
Date:12 January 2011
Hi folks, I was born in Dewsbury and lived nearby in Morley, at school our English teachers had us all watch 'Threads' which was a harrowing experience. Vikki's performance was enthralling despite the horrifying subject matter, I wonder if she ever knew the effect it had on the viewers? Anyway as local lad Im very proud to discover that this young star came from our area. I'm sure her family were very proud of her. Kind regards - Johnny

Name:Neil Curtis
Date:5 January 2011
I met Vicky while filming Letty. I did hear the sad news a few years ago. She was so bubbly and friendly to everyone. Such a beautiful talented girl

Date:12 December 2010
A lovely online tribute. Victoria may have died before the World Wide Web came into being, but through the wonders of the internet -and some diligent individuals- she can be dimensionalised into more than a mere name in the end credits of a program that has clearly stayed with us for over quarter of a century. RIP Victoria, best wishes to her family & friends, and appreciation to those behind this website.

Thank you, that was very kind:)

Name:michelle wilcock
Date:17 October 2010
I was a friend of vicky I stumbled across this site by accident It is so nice to know that after 20 years she is still remembered I still have a little dog she gave me after she filmed letty it feels like only yesterday

Date:14 September 2010
After watching threads for the first time I was looking what the stars of the film had also been involved with, to then find that Victoria had been killed at such a young age has really saddened me, such a shame a promising acting career was ended so tragically, my thoughts are with her family.

Name:N Ebanks
Date:24 August 2010
Thank you for making this site for Victoria! I've just finished watching "Threads" for the first time; she contributed vitally to this harrowing, utterly necessary film.

Name:Joe Wawrzyniak
Date:18 July 2010
I'm greatly saddened to find out that Victoria O'Keefe was killed in an automobile accident at the tragically young age of twenty-one. I thought Victoria gave an excellent performance as Jane in "Threads;" she really carried the last third of that movie, including and especially the simply devastating conclusion. I wrote a mini-bio for Ms. O'Keefe on the IMDb, plus added several items for her under other work. I figured it was the least I could for her and her regrettably sparse legacy, Rest in peace, Victoria O'Keefe.

Very nice work! I'm sure all the visitors will appreciate it, thank you.

Name:Paul Cushion
Email:english_electric1975 at hotmail dot com
Date:10 May 2010
I have seen Threads many times and recieved a DVD of it only today. I decided to check online what became of Victoria just a few minuites ago and discovered that she passed away in 1990. How sad. She was clearly a promising actress and my thoughts are with Victoria and her family.

Name:Brendan Morey
Date:21 April 2010
I watched threads as a teenager in the 80s and it scared the shit outta me so much I didnt sleep ok till 1989.Every time our fire siren went of i would jump under my bed such was the effect of the film. Was a shame that Victoria passed so young and after a powerful and award winning performance. I hope Victorias watching over us making sure Jane and Ruth dont become a reality RIP

Date:19 March 2010
Just happened to search around after seeing Threads, never ceases to amaze what can be found out on the web. A shame to hear of her premature passing. Thanks for the site, rest easy Victoria.

Date:6 February 2010
today i saw threads for the first time and looked for the actresses. its very sad to hear that she died.

rest in peace victoria

Date:15 November 2009
I am saddened to discover that Victoria passed way. I met Victoria whilst she was filming Letty, I was an extra in this and spoke with her briefly after the days filming. I asked her for her autograph and I recall her going a little shy before being encouraged by her guardian to sign my autograph book, I seem to remember her saying it was the 1st time she'd been asked for an Autograph. I still have it. Although it was a brief encounter, she left a lasting impression on me and I am deeply saddened to discover her tragic passing. I was about the same age as Victoria when Letty was being filmed and I will always remember the day I met Victoria as being a very good day in my life.

Date:9 November 2009
I knew Threads for a long while, watched it a couple of years ago.

I dug the movie back up the other days and watched it again. Still shocking, remaining stuck in my mind. Although, this time I became curious of who Victoria might be today.

How saddened I was, when I learned that she is dead for almost 20 years by now. It's a weird feeling, you see someone who instantly earns your sympathy, and then this. It almost feels like you lose someone whom you knew good and who might have been a very good friend. This is a really strange feeling.

This feeling was even stronger when I watched the video snippets on this website, seeing her in a completely different role.

Rest in peace Victoria, you just won the heart of another fan.

To the makers of this website: I am overwhelmed how well it is crafted. Simple and informative, my sincere respect and thanks to you. The best memorial she could get. I bet she's proud of you :)

I sincerely hope that this website continues to exist, as long as possible!

Date:1 August 2009
Threads is a film that has been with me for a long time, and will continue to do so. I am saddened to have only now learnt of the passing of Victoria.

Excellent site. Warmest regards to her family and friends.

Date:19 July 2009
This is a beautiful and unique site B.T.W, and I hope it grows and more like minded people contribute, because Victoria captured the essence of the play, and those who recognise that will come here to say Hi. x

Thank you, it's been a real team effort between myself and Oliver, neither one could complete the site alone - and for all the information it currently holds, I feel the guestbook breathes the most life into it.

Date:18 July 2009
I first saw Threads in September 1984, when I was a student, and living uncomfortably close to a major RAF airfield. It burned into my consciousness, this was the reality everyone I knew and myself faced on a daily basis. I remembered Janes role especially vividly. She added immeasurably to the story, with a truly outstanding performance.

Three days ago, I rediscovered the play, via UTube, and was overwhelmed. Sadly that was the place that I learned of Victoria O'Keefes tragic and untimely loss, which has led me to this site.

A terrible loss, to her family, many friends and colleagues, and the craft of acting. x

Name:Geoff Anderson
Email:geoffrey dot anderson at paradise dot net dot nz
Date:1 July 2009
I was deeply moved after recently watching Threads. It's such a starkly shot, compelling film and it really drove home to me how lucky we are that the situations depicted did not eventuate.

But what gripped me most was the compelling character we are introduced to at the end. Jane. Expertly played by a young, yet emotionally mature actress with these incredible haunting eyes.

Naturally I wanted to find out what other productions she had been in and I will admit actually that I shed a tear when I found that her life had been tragically cut short. Despite the fact that this happened over 18 years ago.

I know the work of this amazing young woman will continue to be discovered. Thank you William and Oliver for putting this page together.

Thank you :)

Date:19 December 2008
I saw Threads for the first time in 1992 in class. I was deeply moved by this film and by this beautiful young actress. I finally got around to watching it in the past few days and like a lot of others, became interested to know what had become of Victoria. I was saddened to find out that she had passed in an auto accident so young. Rest in peace Victoria as well as the others who perished in the wreck. You're not forgotten.

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