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Name:Jason Deselles
Email:jasonclutch at yahoo dot com
Date:17 November 2016
Saw her in Threads. Stunning performance and intense movie. I immediately wanted to know more about Victoria. Such a tragic loss. I'm sure she would have gone on to have a long and fruitful career in the movie industry. I'd like to find Letty and any other movies she was in.

Date:29 October 2016
My memories of Victoria in Threads and Nanny come 'round every so often, and my sadness at her death leads me, every time, to again visit this lovely tribute site. I feel her passing as a personal loss, somehow; it is as immediate and affecting as the first time I'd read of her dying. This site always helps me exorcise some of that, and I am so grateful. She was wonderful as Nicola and stunning as Jane and I need to find some Letty video, somewhere, but I can only think she's bloody brilliant in that too. I'd be glad to watch it but it would also make me sadder, at times. Such is loss, and grief. This site is good for me, and so many people who need it. Thank you for providing it. I'll be back again, you can count on it. (I believe I have the very first entry in the guestbook waaaay back in '07).

I still watch Threads from time to time so she's always in my thoughts. Occasionally I look for Letty - perhaps some day it will turn up, you'll be the first to know. And sorry about your previous guestbook entry from July - I'm not sure why I wasn't notified when you posted, I only saw it when I approved this message in admin. But yeah, I need to get some security on this site so it remains online in the event of whatever.

Date:3 July 2016
It's me again, revisiting. Every so often I am reminded of Victoria by some trigger or other, and I immediately get a kick in my gut, a feeling not dissimilar to the one I felt the day I discovered she'd died. It hits me every time, the tragedy, the needless tragedy of it. And so, I come back here and go through everything here, once again, feeling as new as the night I discovered the site... and just as happy it existed as I was then. I know it never really updates, pictures and articles with her are obviously rare, but do not let this site go down, please. I come to it every time. I wish I knew WHY Victoria was so deep my heart, and why her death broke it. I just feel it, know it. I hope, if you are anywhere to see and know all of this mess we mortals put together as a small tribute to you, that you are resting peacefully and tell you how you are beloved and remembered. Much love.

Date:27 November 2015
Once again, I visit this loving tribute site to remember and grieve; a loss now decades gone, but as immediate in my heart as my sorrow. I love reading the other comments and shared memories, and seeing the images of such a compelling, attractive, and unique young actress. I remember feeling so terribly sad when I found out about her passing -- it was as if Jane had died, that somehow the 'war' in Threads had 'won', and taken the last bit of life and hope in the human story. I will forever miss you Victoria. I will forever miss what could have been. I am sure I will be back again, soon enough, and writing more. I could go on for days. Rest in real peace and light and love, Victoria.

Date:13 September 2014
RIP Vicky

Name:Nick Attwell
Email:nickpattwell at yahoo dot co dot uk
Date:31 August 2014
Found this website through a link included on somebody's signature on DYR forum. I watched Threads when it was first broadcast & I have always preferred it to 'The Day After'. Victoria was brilliant in Threads and as has already been said extremely emotionally mature for a girl her age. I often wonder what Victoria would have gone on to achieve in her tragically cut short acting career. You are truly missed Victoria xx

Email:ha dot jrocks at gmail dot com
Date:8 June 2014
Rest in peace victoria, your work is not forgotten.

Name:Mark Gaszman
Date:13 April 2014
It's little comfort, I know, but her talent had a global impact. RIP Victoria.

Name:Pete Quinn
Email:pjcquinn1 at hotmail dot com
Date:12 April 2014
I remember Vicky as the first young person I knew who died. I was in DAG and did props for Daisy Pulls it Off and remember the expectation that Vicky was going to do well. It was good to see this fitting tribute to a rising star who we lost too soon.

Email:thelelland30906 at gmail dot com
Date:26 March 2014
I was around Victoria's age when Threads came out in the States, and her character hit me to the soul. What an amazing actress and loved her in The Nanny. A damn tragedy.

Name:Gavin John Powers
Email:gavinpow77 at btinternet dot com
Date:9 March 2014
Having discussed Threads with colleagues, (I live and work in Sheffield) I watched the film again today on YouTube. Years since I'd seen it. I knew of Nicky Lane (Michael), as he's from my hometown of Thorne. But I was very sad to hear Victoria died in the 90s at the age of 21. Awful. I'm pretty damn sure she'd have been a major, famous and acclaimed actress now if death hadn't claimed her. xx

Date:2 March 2014
I watched Threads last night for at least the tenth time and decided to do what Paul did. It is indeed sad. Victoria only had a small part in the movie but her talents were very evident. It's a big loss.

Date:7 February 2014
Popping in again to pore over pictures and text, and once again sigh over the loss of such a compelling young actor. I am glad the site is still up; reading the other guest comments is very heartwarming and cathartic. We all feel for her, and for our loss. Keep it going, and thank you again. I hope you're smiling, Victoria, wherever you may be.

Date:19 November 2013
I was a young teenager when movies like The Day After and Threads were broadcast. I only found out about Threads a week or so ago and had to watch it. The Day After was disturbing enough, but Threads conveyed such a grim and desperate vision of the years following such a war that it’s good that I’m only now seeing it as an adult. Such a moving performance by Victoria, I was looking to see what other movies she may have been in only to find out her life was cut short in such a terrible manner. Very sad.

Name:Joey Manic
Date:9 April 2013
I just heard about Victoria's story via Wikipedia. It's a shame such a talented actress had such a fate at so young an age. She certainly stole the show in her scenes in the movie Threads with a riveting performance of magnetic quality and conviction. A big part of the reason that I feel the movie is a classic.

Date:1 March 2013
Just finished watching Threads for the second time in about three years. I decided to check on information regarding the cast and was saddened to learn that Victoria passed away in 1990 at such a young age. I too was born in 1969 and learning of her passing leaves me a bit unsettled but at the same time confident that she is now in a much better place. Godspeed Victoria.

Date:29 December 2012
I fell in love with her after seeing her in the movie Threads. What a shame and tragic way her life ended. Hope she is looking down on us and smiling with gratification.

Name:wendy heather
Email:wendymarieheather at yahoo dot com
Date:30 August 2012
i grew up with the threat of the atomic bomb. i remember the weapons being driven through my then city in the south of England when i was 12 and 13. i watched'threads' in 1984 with a group of college friends when we were 16. this film and its images have always haunted me, as did the role played by Victoria. i never forgot 'jane' and wanted to find out what happened to Victoria after speaking with my own son today about this film, and how it affected my life and my feelings towards war and world destruction in general. so tonight i looked for victoria.. i am so very saddened to hear she died so young.. such a tragic loss. she would have gone on to greatness. This website is a wonderful memory of her. RIP Victoria. you are in my thoughts.

Date:26 August 2012
This is a very nice tribute. Like many, Threads was a very vivid memory, also like many, once on line out of interest I looked up the cast on imdb,com and was saddened to read of Victoria's tragic death. Both Threads and her death in one sense seem so long ago, however that film and Victoria's vivid performance still burn brightly.

Name:Maximillian Flores
Email:gurney_halleck99 at yahoo dot com
Date:21 August 2012
Like many of you, I too came across this site while researching cast from the film 'Threads' and was shocked to find out that this talented young lady had passed away at such a young age....Just wished to pay my respects to you Victoria, we all know that you would have gone on to greatness.

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